Volt 10 Platform Update 05/08/18

Posted on May 8, 2018 by Iian Kehn

A few days ago I launched the first preview for Volt 10, which included some incremental changes to how the site functioned.

Todat I am letting you folks know that I have pushed out another update to Volt, this time to the design, pages and content for the site.

Like the previous release, this release does not include new features, but I have included a changelog of what's been done.
  • The site color scheme has changed from a white-blueish scheme to a darker shade of blue throughout the site.
  • I backtracked on the sidebar nav on the homepage, it was proving to be more of a problem then a solution
  • The navigation is now fixed at the top of the screen so that you always see where you are.
  • Added some fade-in animations when moving from page-to-page. It looks better, and flows better.
  • Small bug fixes and optimizations.
Keep the feedback coming!